Personalized Medication Treatment 

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Ensuring your medications work best for you


12M serious adverse drug reactions every year.

Medications can cause almost any kind of known diseases


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Medication related problems have become the 4th leading cause of death in the United States with 100,000 deaths per year


Excessive costs for healthcare facilities due to medication related problems are estimated at 528 Billion dollars


110 Million chronic patients in the US. Most of them with polypharmacy, putting them in high risk for medication related problems

Medications should not make people sick

Our Mission

Enable health payers, at-risk providers, Medicare programs and PBMs to improve patient outcomes, medication safety, prevent hospitalizations and reduce medication-related problems.


To optimize a patient's health, all factors must be analyzed for their combined influence on adverse medical impact.


An end-to-end medication treatment AI technology that assists clinicians in providing comprehensive medication reviews in minutes instead of hours. 


How it works

Data Cloud


Our analysis engine crunches the data and generates predictions on risks and efficacy of each medication and each possible adverse reaction.
Based on these predictions, our system provides clinicians with a clear status of each patient’s medication regimen and associated risks.



Clinicians don't have all the information they need on a patient and his drugs to address all medication-related problems that could arise from drug "cocktails". 

MDI collects all the relevant data on the patients and combines it with medication information and proprietary insights on combinations between all parameters. The system knows what additional information to ask from the patient if needed.

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MDI assists healthcare professionals in optimizing the balance between efficacy of the medications and their risks by suggesting clear actions and alternatives.


Your patient’s care continues after leaving your facility. MDI constantly evaluates the patient’s medication regimen, even when new drugs are added or the condition of the patient changes.

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Comprehensive Medication Reviews in minutes

"My mom’s memory and concentration have improved dramatically"

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